Sylvester Stallone denies 'wasting' marital assets in response to Jennifer Flavin's divorce filing

Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, a Hollywood star, shot back at his ex-wife Jennifer Flavin through court documents, denying accusations of having squandered their money. 

As per Fox News, shortly after they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary Flavin was divorced on the 19th of August in Palm Beach County,

Florida where the couple owned an estate worth $35 million that is located on the waterfront.

“The husband has not engaged in any conduct which constitutes intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets,”

the lawyer for his client Jeffrey Fisher in court papers that were filed on Monday.

The declaration was issued due to Flavin’s assertion that she deserves an increased share of their divorce settlement due to her claims.

she believes that she believes that the “Rocky” actor committed a variety of financial crimes that impacted their joint wealth.

According to the statement, Stallone along with Flavin acknowledged that their union is “irretrievably broken.”

From his films as well as real estate transactions and other ventures including real estate, film, and other ventures.

Flavin’s business, including real estate and other ventures “Rambo” star is estimated to be worth around $400 million.

Legal experts have told Fox News Digital that in the absence of a prenuptial contract that says the contrary, Flavin is entitled to 50% of the profits that are earned during their marriage as per Florida law.

In the year that Flavin Stallone and Flavin Stallone were married in 1997 the couple was just 29 and Stallone was 51. 

Flavin was a fashion model who was from the San Fernando Valley in California. They have three daughters.

A few days before the divorce petition was filed on the docket of the court, there was evidence that suggested their union was in danger.

Flavin was seen leaving Craig’s in West Hollywood, but without her wedding ring.

Sylvester Stallone denies ‘wasting’ marital assets in response to Jennifer Flavin’s divorce filing