Positive Quotes For Work

"You've to wake up every day with determination if you want to be able to fall asleep with a sense of satisfaction."

"Go as wide as you're able to see and when you reach you'll be able observe more."

"Your aptitude determines what you're able to do. Your motivation determines what you're willing to put into. Your attitude affects how you'll do it."

"The person who claims that it's impossible must get away from the ones who are doing it."

"When I'm told no by someone isn't a sign that I'm not able to do it, it just means I'm not able to accomplish it with them."

"Build your own visions or hire someone else to help you to create theirs."

"A year from now , you may wish that you had begun today."

"Light tomorrow with today's light."

"Never abandon your goals because of the amount of time it takes to achieve it. It will happen anyway."

"Someday isn't a day in any week."