Positive Quotes About Life

When you've replaced negative thoughts by positive ones and you'll begin to see positive outcomes.

When I began to count my gratitude, the entire life was transformed.

My doctor has told me that I should slow down, but there are more drunks who are old than doctors, so let's take another shot.

If you truly wish to connect with someone, let them be their own.

All of the cruelty is a result of ignorance. If you had known what was to come then you would not hurt anyone as what you do is repaid more violently than the message you sent it out.

Freedom is the ability to control your life.

Ninety-nine percent of world's fans aren't with their preferred option. This is what makes the jukebox play.

Why are divorces so costly? They're worth it.

I am of the opinion that all roads go to the same point - that's where all roads end up.

I didn't come here , and I'm not going to leave.