New Year Quote

“New year is the glistening illumination to illuminate the dream-lined path of tomorrow.”

“The bad news is that time is a blur. But the good news is that you’re your own pilot.”

“Write it in your heart that each day is the most wonderful day of your life.”

“Whatever you’re afraid of doing, go for it. You’ll make mistakes next year and always.”

“Celebrate the end of your life, for they will be followed by the beginning of a new chapter.”

“Cheers to a brand new year, and another opportunity for us to do the job done.”

“Don’t be the same person 75 times, and call it a day.”

“The power of beginnings new is the most powerful of all.”

“New year’s day is for every human’s birthday.”

“You never have to be older than you are to reach a new target or to imagine a new goal.”