Happy Positive Quotes

Happiness doesn't mean an absence of issues It's the capacity to handle these issues.

Happiness isn't pained either in the body or mind.

The secret to happiness is finding an enjoyable monotony.

The most satisfying thing about life is the belief in being loved. loved just for us, or more precisely loved beyond our own self-esteem.

The only thing that brings joy in this world, and is to be loved and loved by someone you love.

The happiness or lack of it is dependent on how good the item that we are bound to through the love of our lives.

Happiness is more about the moments of joy that happen every day than in huge moments of luck which occur, but not often.

Happiness isn't an ideal in the realm of logic, it is a product rather of imagination.

Being unable to have certain things you would like is an integral aspect of happiness.

The biggest obstacle to happiness is the expectation of excessive happiness.