Family Quotes

"Families have the same characteristics as branches of trees. We are able to grow in various directions but our roots remain in one."

"The bond that connects the true family of yours isn't an issue of blood. It's a matter rather of the love and respect you have for your life."

"Family Where life starts and the love that never ceases."

"Rejoice with your loved ones in the lovely world that is life."

"What are you doing today to help promote peace in the world? Be home and cherish your family."

"In every way possible the family unit is an important link to our history, a and a bridge into our present."

"You have been born to your clan, and the family you are born to you. No refunds. No exchanges."

"A man travels the globe across the globe in search of what is required, only to return at home to find it."

"Happiness is having a large, caring, and caring family in a different city."

"The family is among nature's greatest creations."