Water Quotes

  • “Water isn’t an unbreakable wall, but it is not going to hinder you from doing what you want to do.”
  • “That’s my gift to you. I let that negative energy roll through me like the water that runs off the back of a duck.”
  • “Individually we are all only one drop. Collectively, we make up one ocean.”
  • “If there’s any magic in the universe, it’s contained by water.”
  • “The sea is a vast ocean The sea is a wilderness filled with water.”
  • “Beauty is a reality-saturated soaking as water fills up a rag.”
  • “Truth will triumph over lies as oil rises above the water.”
  • “The water doesn’t reveal the secrets of its waters.”
  • “In the course of time, and in conjunction with water the world changes.”
  • “You cannot cross the ocean simply by standing there and looking at the ocean.”

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