Video stories of Gujarati Panchatantra for std 1 and 2 students

Stories of Gujarati Panchatantra And Kakko Barakhsari

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We have created an important post for the students of Std. 1 and 2 here. In this post we have given a collection of stories that young children will like. Knowledge will be gained with humor for the child.

 Kids love stories and so according to the current technology, don’t give the child as many mobiles as you like, but he can’t live without seeing the mobiles and so you can’t give them away. . From this story, the child can get different types of education as we have shown many types of videos in this list.

Kakko Barakhsari

Stories of Gujarati Panchatantra

સ્કૂલનો હોમવર્ક 

ચાર ભાઈઓ 

બીકણ પથ્થર 

જાદુઈ બળદ 

જાદુઈ ચશ્માં 

સાપ અને ઉંદર 

કાગડો અને ચકલી 

જાદુઈ કેરી 

ખેડૂત અને ગાય 

ચાલ રે કોળાં દડૂક દડૂક 

Here we have a collection of videos on how to do homework for children at home and what to do if they do not, what kind of person is tempted at the present time and how to stay away from them, what harm we do if we are tempted.

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