Vadnagar will have the world’s largest heritage museum

 World’s largest heritage museum

Hello friends, welcome to our website. September 17 is the birthday of our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi. On the birthday of the Prime Minister, it was announced that the world’s largest museum would be built in Vadnagar. If you don’t know, let us know that Vadnagar is a historical town and has many places of interest. 
Many tourists from other countries keep coming to Vadnagar. There are also temples of Tana and Riri in Vadnagar. When Tansen Raja’s body caught fire, both Tana and Riri extinguished the flame by singing Malhar Raag. There is also a temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev in Vadnagar which is considered to be the oldest temple. 

Apart from this, there is also a Sharmishta lake in the middle of Vadnagar in which bats are also made and an open-air theater is also made in the bats. There are so many types it’s hard to say.
Work is also underway on a railway station in Vadnagar which also houses the shop where our Prime Minister used to sell tea which is still preserved. There is also Vadnagar Government Medical College in which ladies nursing is also imparted training. Vadnagar also has wedding thefts of Vav, Kuva, Kirti Toran and Narasimha Mehta.

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