The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz Would Like a Word With the FBI

Hey, we’re The Monkees, and people say that we monkey around, however, we’re too busy singing to put anyone down. This subversive language explains why the FBI investigated the 60s hitmakers, The Monkees… and the lead singer of the band wants answers from the feds.

Micky Dolenz filed Tuesday a federal lawsuit to “obtain any records that the FBI created or possesses on The Monkees and its individual members.”

According to the suit obtained by TMZ Micky made a Freedom of Information Act request back in June. He claims that the Bureau acknowledged receiving his request… but it has been silent since.

This sounds absurd, but it’s true. The FBI was already watching The Monkees tour 1967 closely, as it is known. It was discovered that a decade ago, an informant went to one show and reported a “subliminal message” on the screen.

These images included images of the Vietnam war, riots at Berkley and Selma in Alabama — also known as “left-wing intervention political nature”. According to the FBI, which was run then by J. Edgar Hoover.

Dolenz, now aged 77, is the last remaining member of the group and has had enough of the bureaucratic red tape of the federal government. He wants a judge who will order the FBI to turn over all records regarding the band.