The corona epidemic could result in a 30% cut in government employee salaries

 30% cut in government employee salaries

Hello friends, welcome to our website. The economic situation in our country is getting worse day by day due to the ongoing Koro epidemic. Due to this, earlier the salaries of MLAs were reduced by 30 per cent and now the Gujarat government has stated that the salaries of teachers can also be reduced by 30 per cent. And there has been a tweak to not giving pensions to teachers in the past and now there is talk of a 30 per cent reduction again. 

The news is currently circulating on social media but what will be decided by the government will be decided in due course. Corona epidemics kill many people day by day and many people become infected with the virus, which hurts the government a lot because the equipment used to test for the virus is imported from other countries as the virus spreads.

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 More drugs and the like have to be brought in. This causes economic damage to the government’s economy. So to avoid this damage, stay at home and be safe. If you have to go out, wear a mask.
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