Thankful Quotes

  • “Be grateful for what you’ve got, you’ll be able to have more. If you focus on the things you don’t have, you’ll never be able to have enough.”
  • “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.”
  • “Strive to find things to be thankful for, and just look for the good in who you are.”
  • “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
  • “If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.”
  • “I’m just thankful I’m surrounded by good people.”
  • “There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person.”
  • “Family is the most important thing in the world.”
  • “I’m thankful for every moment.”
  • “Thankfulness, gratitude, and being able to serve others are the foundation of character.”
  • “If you truly are grateful then what would you do? You give.”
  • “Since our yesterdays are gone and tomorrow is never promised, today I want to thank all my amazing friends and family for being in my life.”
  • “I’m always grateful for this moment, the now, no matter what it takes.”
  • “The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”
  • “Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.”