Talatis of Gram Panchayat will be given the power to affidavit Digital Seva Setu List of Services

Digital Seva Setu List of Services

Hello friends, welcome to our website. An important decision has been taken by the Government at present. The decision stated that some did and some documents had to be collected only by going to the taluka panchayats. 

Now these documents are applicable to everyone and it is mandatory for everyone to get them. People living in villages and when they needed to get these documents they had to go to Taluka Panchayat or District Panchayat so if some villages are far from Taluka Panchayat they had to push for documents and this saves them time and money. 

Therefore, it has been decided by the Government that they will now be able to get such documents from the Panchayat of their village and will be able to get the required documents from the Talati and Panchayat of that village.

Digital Seva Setu: List of Services
Sr.No Name of Service Name of the Department
 1  Addition of Name in Ration Card  FCS
 2  Removal of Name from Ration Card  FCS
 3  Change of Address in Ration Card  FCS
 4  New Ration Card  FCS
 5  Separate Ration Card  FCS
 6  Application for Ration Card Member Guardian  FCS
 7  Duplicate Ration Card  FCS
 8  Widow Certificate  WCD
 9  Temporary Residence Certificate  Panchayat
 10  Income Certificate  Panchayat
 11  Unreserved Caste Certificate (Panchayat Without Income)  SJED
 12  Senior Citizen Certificate  SJED
 13  Language-based Minority Certificate  SJED
 14  Religious Minority Certificate  SJED
 15  Nomad‐Denotified Caste Certificate  SJED
 16  CM Krushi Sahay  Agriculture
 17  Affidavit for Income Certificate  Legal
 18  Affidavit for Widow Assistance related  Legal
 19  Affidavit for Ration Card service  Legal
 20  Affidavit for Caste Certificate  Legal
 21  Affidavit for change in Name  Legal
 22  Other Ready Affidavit  Legal

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