Std 7 Science Chep 1 Test

Which of the following is not a food ingredient?
Fats, minerals, photosynthesis

Which gas is used by plants to make food?
Oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone

Where is plant food made?
In the root, in the leaf, in the trunk

What helps in the absorption of nutrients in the soil?
By roots, by leaves, by trunks

What is it called that takes up carbon dioxide through tiny holes in a plant leaf?
Pigment, chlorophyll, pores

What is the action of a plant which makes its food in the presence of sunlight?
Unique source, photosynthesis, baspotsurgeon

What substance is in the leaf?
Pigment, chlorophyll, even pores

What is a sticky green spot in the water of a lake or reservoir called?
Lil, host, bid

What does it mean to depend on others like humans and animals?
Parasitic, self-sufficient, not one

What is a plant called if it does not rely on others for its dependence?
Parasitic, self-sufficient, not one

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