State Bank will now have OTP for ATM withdrawals of Rs 10,000 or more


 State Bank withdrawals of Rs 10,000 or More

Hello friends, welcome to our website. An important decision has been taken by the State Bank of India at present which says that if you go to withdraw money from an ATM if you go to withdraw more than Rs 10,000, you will have to carry it with your mobile as it will have OTP on it. 
You will only be able to withdraw money when you have to verify with an ATM. This decision taken by the bank will be good for the customers as it will reduce theft due to increasing thefts day by day. 
Currently, such a decision has been taken only by the State Bank but other banks may take a similar decision in the near future. This arrangement has been implemented by the State Bank since the 18th.
This decision is a good one considering the current times as the digital age is happening day by day and if the password and number of your ATM is leaked, the possibility of stealing money from your account increases.

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