Scholarship Examination for Standard-8 Old Paper for Preparation of NMMS


Standard-8 Old Paper for Preparation of NMMS

nmms old paper

Numeracy in Pragya Std. 1-2 Mathematics class, addition-subtraction examples, understanding of Gujarati English times and months, ascending and descending order, understanding of shapes, understanding of front-to-back numbers,

understanding of weights and national symbols in Pragya Gujarati class, alphabetical train In the alphabet, self-study and assessment group, blackboard for writing work according to the student, understanding of words and sentences on windows and doors, understanding of professionals, understanding of animals and birds and illustrated educational content from their habitats were painted.

Old Paper

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NMMS EXAM 2021- 2022 પ્રોવિઝનલ (કામચલાઉ)અન્સાર કી જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો…

NMMS Exam 2021-22 Question Paper PDF

On the wall of the lobby of 6 out of 10 classes, there are statues of gods and goddesses, great men, good thoughts, sutavo, vows, 3D pictures, natural scenes, pictures of musical instruments and pictures on the back wall of the school stage. Also, valuable pictures like today’s rose, today’s lamp, Akshay’s character, question box, lost bases etc. are also drawn.

The children will definitely like the changed look of the school when they come to school when the school resumes after the end of the Corona epidemic. In the future, Sartanbhai has an idea to depict the educational content in the remaining 9 out of 10 classes on the walls of the class and also in the lobby, but this work will be completed with the help of a suitable financial school. If you want to help this school financially in any way, contact 303.


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