Standard 5 Text Book Pdf Gujarat Government

Standard 5  Text Book Pdf

Hello friends, welcome to our website. The unit test papers taken by the Gujarat government have been made public. We have shown this here in our post.

Here is the standard 5 unit test paper and also the video for preparing for that unit test, so friends, we hope to get good marks in this unit test.

According to the slogan given by the Government of Gujarat, “School is closed but there is no education”.

The main objective of this program is that schools cannot be opened due to Corona virus and every effort is being made by the government to ensure that the education of the children is not affected due to this.

Therefore, it is broadcast on DD Girnar as per the time table fixed by the Government. And from this broadcast video a unit test is prepared every month.

Semester 2 Download Pdf

☛ ગુજરાતી 

☛ હિન્દી 

☛ પર્યાવરણ  

☛ અંગ્રેજી

☛ ગણિત 

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