Standard 12 New syllabus PDF


New syllabus PDF

Hello friends, welcome to our website. At present an important decision has been taken by the Government for the students of Std. 

In which the government has stated that at present due to the Koro epidemic the children are not getting adequate education and trying to educate as many children as possible at home.

This 30% cut will be made in the course which will be cut from the subject which is not useful in the coming year so to inform every teacher friends and student friends that this instruction should be taken into consideration by all.

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The government had earlier decided to cut the syllabus of Std. 9 to 12 courses due to a slight change in the learning of the students due to coronavirus which would make it easier for the students to appear for the exams and also prepare them.

With this in mind, cuts have been made by the government and it has been made public so that students can easily prepare for it and take the exam with it in mind. All these decisions are being made with this in mind

The syllabus ninth which has been given by the government for the students studying Std. The new syllabus for students studying in Std. 12 has been deducted. The PDF is given at the link given below so that the students can download the PDF for free and prepare for the exam keeping in mind.

Download Pdf


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