Standard 11 New syllabus PDF


New syllabus PDF

Considering the examinations conducted by Sarkar Shri, it has been stated by Sarkar Shri that due to the epidemic of corona, the students are not getting full education. In view of this syllabus, the examination will be conducted by the Government whenever the examination is conducted by the court, so that it is easy for the students to appear for the examination and they may not be able to answer the questions as they are not prepared for the course. No, hence the provision has been made to implement this new course

Standard 11 New syllabus

Here is a syllabus for students of Std. 11 keeping in mind the link of PDF given below. Students can download the PDF and look at the label and prepare for the exam and students can easily pass the exam. An important decision has been taken by Shri

Educational videos are posted through our channel for all the standards from Std-1 to Std-12. And 1 to 12 std. Social media is a very important part of the government to ensure that every student benefits from this education through YouTube.  

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As a result, we’ve created educational videos for students in Std. 1 to 12. So that every student can benefit from academic work. Efforts are being made for.

The home learning program now plays a very important and vital role in providing education to children sitting at home. We create videos based on the topic and its unit and strive to ensure that every child is not deprived of education.

Currently, each booklet has been issued by the government in pursuance of the Home Study Program which has been implemented by the government.

The unit test is taken on the basis of the syllabus determined by the Government at the end of the month on the basis of the “Learn at Home” of the month. The unit test solution is put by us so that the students can check the written answers themselves after taking the unit test.

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