Smile Quotes

  • “Thanks to the smile you have, it makes your life more attractive.”
  • “Smiles are the best feeling you can discover right in front of your eyes.”
  • “Simple smile. This is the first step to opening your heart and showing compassion towards others.”
  • “Don’t be sad because it’s over It was a good thing to smile, because it was a good thing that it happened.”
  • “Smile is the key that opens the heart lock of everyone.”
  • “If you smile even when you’re alone, you’re really saying it.”
  • “Sometimes, your happiness is the cause of your smile, however sometimes, your smile could be the reason you feel joy.”
  • “Smile! It improves your image.”
  • “Smile. Be friendly and open.”
  • “A smile that is warm and friendly is the language universal used to express kindness.”