SBI has issued an alert, your bank account can also be emptied through Whatsapp


New Delhi: State Bank of India has issued an alert for users of social messaging app Whatsapp. According to him, a small mistake on WhatsApp can break into your bank account. Cyber ​​criminals can steal money from your account by calling or texting on this app. There has been a rapid increase in such crimes during the Corona period.

The bank does not do this
SBI told customers that the bank does not call all customers and ask for their personal account details. If anyone does not want this kind of information through WhatsApp call or message, email or message, be alert immediately. Trying to deceive you.

In addition, no lottery or lucky customer gift is given by the bank. Be careful if someone gives you red.

Damage can only happen from one mistake
The bank said that cyber thugs are just waiting for your one mistake. Money will fly out of your account as soon as you make a mistake. Don’t trust a fake call or forward message at all. Cybercriminals inform the customer of winning the lottery and try to deceive them by giving them a lure. People are asked to download any app or their account details. A common mistake is to empty a cybercriminal account.

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