Quotes For Friends

  • “There aren’t any strangers in this place There are only friends you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.”
  • “One friend who is loyal is worth ten thousand friends.”
  • “A friend is someone who is familiar with you and shares the same love for you.”
  • “My most trusted friend is the person who brings out the most of me.”
  • “It’s never as frightening when you have the best friend of your life.”
  • “The bird’s nest and the spider is a web man’s friendship.”
  • “Friends are the children God has not given us.”
  • “Friendship is when someone offers the liberty to be you.”
  • “Be cautious not to be drawn into friendship. However, once you are in, remain in a steady and consistent manner.”
  • “Good manners and friends can take you to places to places where money can’t go.”

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