Positive Quotes For Women

  • “If you are able to dance, be yourself and not look embarrassed in the process, you could dominate this world.”
  • “I believe in staying confident when everything seems to be going badly. I believe that girls who are happy are the most beautiful girls. I believe that tomorrow will be an additional day and I believe in miracles.”
  • “A girl must be at two points: she is she is and what she’s looking for.”
  • “Ignore your glass ceiling, and focus on your job. If you’re focused on that glass ceiling instead of focusing on what you do not have or focusing on what you don’t have any limitations, then you’ll be restricted.”
  • “The most appealing thing that a woman can possess is self-confidence.”
  • “I always dreamed of becoming an actress. Since I was a child I’ve always been the type of girl. I always wanted to be a woman.”
  • “Champions continue to play until they are able to do it correctly.”
  • “Females have the best beautiful, stunning beings in the world. We are beautiful regardless of the dimension we’re at.”
  • “Women should try to accomplish things the same way as men have. If they fail, it must be an opportunity for other women.”
  • “Women are the true social movers and shakers.”


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