Police Constable Quiz Test 8

Who is known as the first personal satyagrahi?

Vinoba Narhari Bhave

Who is known as the second personal satyagrahi?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Who is known as the third personal satyagrahi?


Which fair is also known as Bhatigal Mela?


“The word Varanagiya is associated with which fair?

Swimming fair

Which state is the southern dance?


In which district are the Gadpadar hills located?


Which district is the largest cultivator of cumin in Gujarat?


What is the percentage of Gujarat cumin production in the world?


By what other name is the Kirti Toran of Vadnagar known?

Thieves of Narasimha Mehta

Rai Bahadur Sahni discovered __ in 1921?


Rakhaldas Banerjee discovered _ in 1922?

Mohe jo dado

Name the disease found in cumin crop?


Which fruit is grown in which state?

In Jammu and Kashmir

What was the name of Swami Vivekananda’s Guru?

Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Even the moon was pale like a disappointed human being – what an ornament?

A. Rejuvenation:

B. Metaphor

C. mucus

D. Ananvaya

Who is considered as the cornerstone of Panchayati Raj?

A. Gram Sabha

B. Gram Panchayat

C. Taluka Panchayat

D. District Panchayat

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Which consonant is a pastoral consonant?

A. l

B. l

C. h

Both D.A and B

Which dish is toothpaste?

A. Q.

B. Sh,

C. Wow

D. l

Which of the following is not a vowel?

A. This

B. e


D. o

Which vowel is the guest vowel?

A. This

B. 2

C. e


Which vowel is not a derived vowel?


B. 2

C. o


‘Buddy Lakhani Madi’ architecture is associated with which religion?

A. Hindu

B. Buddhism

C. Jain

D. All given

According to which article of the Constitution the Inter-State Committee has been constituted?

A.Act 263

B.Act 264

C.Act 268

D.Act 260

Who is the head of government department

A. Member of Parliament

B. Prime Minister

C. Speaker

D. J. That Minister

When was the National Human Rights Commission established in India?

A. e. Q, 1996

B. e. Q. 1993

C. e. 1951

D. e. Q. 1881

Who is involved in information communication?

A. to say

B. Understand

C. listening

D. All given

Which of the following factors is central to public administration?

A. Public interest

B. Health

C. Education

D. Employment

Who is the creator of ‘Allak Dallak’ children’s poetry?

A. Balamukund Dave:

B. Ramanlal Soni

C. Ramesh Trivedi

D. Yogesh Joshi

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