Police Constable Quiz Test 74

Ignorantly inappropriate activity occurred.

Carpenter’s mind goes crazy:

Have a selfish eye.

Bowl Breakfast:

Short tool, less organized.

The hen’s mouth is happy:

Little men get little satisfaction.

Gokul VIII in the middle of Ekadashi around:


Butter does not come out of water:

Working in vain.

First Grass Flies:

Initially interrupted.

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1526 Battle of Panipat = Babur and Ibrahim Lodi

1527 Battle of Khanwa = Babur and Ranasanga (In this battle Babur put alcohol)

1528 Battle of Chanderi = Babur and Medanirai

1529 Battle of Gogra = Babur and Afdhano

Death in 1530 in Agra

The first Governor of Bengal

Robert Clive 1757

Final Governor of Bengal

Warren Hastings

The first Governor General of Bengal

Warren Hastings 1773

Final Governor General of Bengal

William Bentick 1833

The first Governor General of India

William Bentick 1833

Final Governor General of India

Lord Canning 1858

India’s first Viceroy

Lord Canning 1858

Final Viceroy of India

Lord Mountbatten 1947

The first Governor General of Independent India

General Mountbatten

The first Indian Governor General of Independent India

C Rajagopalachari

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