Police Constable Quiz Test 73

Ranti Ghodi started running.

Worked with a light object.

Uman Bhatne Swaman Kuski:

The thing is not pure.

The buffalo jumps on the nail:

There is no enthusiasm without backing.

Bhalano bhai ne bhundano jamai:

Treat her as a person.

Hundred Mana Tele Andharu:

Mail to Rental Whale:

Being careless at work.

Jagalo in eating and Bhagalo in beating:

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Someone else works hard and someone else gets the fruit.

Seeing a hundred snakes in a net:

Talked like a big gossip bragging.

Ethu khay te chopadyane bharose:

Activity in the lure of finding something.

Bharam bhari ne khista khali:

Pretend to be without money.

Don’t listen to the veins:

Do not apostatize for petty gain.

Lots of green forest sodas:

There are many benefits.

Gold plate and iron nail:

Many virtues fade away from one vice.

Sixteen beetles in a narrow forehead:

The fate of the poor is poor.

saini saanj ne mochi nu vahanu:

To make false futures.

If the horn burns, then the khando and if the tail burns, then bando:

Bend in every way.

Dhol in marriage to Rajia in death:

Behave as if it were an occasion.

Cottonseed eyes to the god of manure:

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