Police Constable Quiz Test 66

  1. Which group has the lowest population among the aboriginal tribes of Gujarat?
  • Stairs
  1. Which of the 16 sacraments of Hinduism is associated with the birth of a child?
  • Fertilized, male, and rich
  1. What is the style of Solanki temples?
  • Maru- Gurjar
  1. What kind of queen Vav is Patan?
  • Jaya
  1. Which mosque is considered as the jewel of Ahmedabad?
  • Queen Sipri’s Mosque
  1. The key building of Ahmedabad is known as Badshah’s Haziro Utri?
  • The day of Ahmad Shah
  1. In which city is the day of Azam-Muazmkhan located?
  • Ahmedabad
  1. Which is considered to be the oldest palio of Gujarat?
  • Ajaypal’s shift

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  1. By what name are the saddle palis of Saurashtra known?
  • Shurapura
  1. What is the name of the paliya which is made of vermilion book by erecting uncut stones?
  • Thess
  1. Where is Lakha Fulani Palio located?
  • Atkot
  1. What is the shoulder of an unaware person called?
  • Surdhan

13.Which country has the largest written constitution in the world?

  • India
  1. Which city is known for its favorite ‘Bandhani’?
  • Jamnagar
  1. Zandu Bhatte asked which dungar monopoly for medicinal use of plants?
  • Roar
  1. By what name are the positions of Dheera Bhagat known?
  • Enough
  1. ‘Bohada’ folk dance belongs to which community?
  • Of the Konkana people
  1. Where is the Ranotsav held with “Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha” held?
  • Dhordo
  1. In which district is the hill of Dhinodhar, famous as the tapobhumi of Dada Gorakhnath located?
  • Kutch
  1. The head of Bhavai Mandali is known as ……..?
  • The protagonist
  1. Which city of Gujarat is known as ‘Sakshar Bhoomi’?
  • Nadiad
  1. What was the ancient name of ‘Ujjain’?
  • Avanti

By what name was Gujarati actor Upendra Trivedi known?

  • Acting Emperor
  1. What is the interest rate at which the Reserve Bank lends to commercial banks?
  • Repo rate
  1. Which country was known as ‘Land of Pagodas’?
  • Myanmar
  1. What is the motto of Indian Air Force?
  • Nabh: Sparsh Diptam:
  1. In which year the centenary of Gandhiji’s return to India from abroad was completed?
  • In 2015

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