Police Constable Quiz Test 62

  1. Which group has the lowest population among the aboriginal tribes of Gujarat?


  1. Which of the 16 sacraments of Hinduism is associated with the birth of a child?

Fertilization, Punsavan, and Rich

  1. What is the style of Solanki temples?

Maru- Gurjar

  1. What kind of queen Vav is Patan?


  1. Which mosque is considered as the jewel of Ahmedabad?

Mosque of Rani Sipri

  1. The key building of Ahmedabad is known as Badshah’s Haziro Utri?

Ahmedshah’s day

  1. In which city is the day of Azam-Muazmkhan located?


  1. Which is considered to be the oldest palio of Gujarat?

Ajaypal’s shift

  1. By what name are the saddle palis of Saurashtra known?


  1. What is the name of the paliya which is made of vermilion book by erecting uncut stones?

5 Thes

  1. Where is Lakha Fulani Palio located?


  1. What is the shoulder of an unaware person called?

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  1. What is Ikat?


  • Who has created Abhinav Darpan Granth?


  1. Who is considered to be the first machine of ancient India for pottery?

Potter’s wheel

  1. What is the lifeblood of drama?


  1. What is the name of the guru of Baiju Bawra and Tansen?

Swami Haridas

  1. Which of these places of interest is located in the middle of Kankaria Lake?


  1. What is the name of Kanti Madiya Natya Sanstha?


  1. In which city of Gujarat is Patola made with natural colors and with rare artistry made?


  1. Kumar Gandharva Award is given by the Government of which state?


  1. With whose inspiration did Kumarapala accept Jainism?


  1. Where is the only temple of Krishnamitra Sudama located?


  1. What is the name of the mobile hospital project for diagnosis and immediate treatment of cancer?

Sanjeev’s chariot

  1. Lokbharati-Sanosara Institute, founded by Nanabhai Bhatt, an educator, is located in which district?


  1. What is the mythological name of Khambhat?

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