Police Constable Quiz Test 56

Saying bad things about someone or criticizing them


Whose novel is ‘Matino Mehtako Saad’?

Makrand Vajeshankar Dave

What is the organization that regulates the telecommunication system of India?


Where is the density of magnetic field lines of magnets highest?

From the magnetic poles

Which substance solution is used to detect the presence of carbohydrate (starch) in food?


Which item in Gujarat has not received GI tag?

Bhuj ni badhani

Dr. Ronald Virag is known for finding which drug?

Discovery of a drug called Viagra which eliminates impotence

Gadhiji’s father Karamchand Gadhi was the Diwan of which ruler at Rajkot?


What is the industrial name of ethane gas?


What is a unit for?


Who is the author of Jatar Novel?

Mafatlal Oza

Whose money did Gandhiji go to Pretoria to fight for?

Seth Abdullah no

What is the mixture of sand, water and lime called?


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Who was the first Railway Minister of India?

Dr. John Mathai

Where is the Kalpakam nuclear power plant located?

Tamil Nadu

What is the picture on the 10 note?

Sun Temple of Konak

Which state has the least forest area?


The age ratio of a father and a son is 7: 3.

Father son

7 3 7 + 3 = 10

              7-3 = 4

10 part ➡60 years

Part 4?


If the price of a mobile is increased by 800 then the trader gets 21% profit instead of 17% profit then what is the basic price of mobile?

17% 117

    ↩ 4 more

21% 121

4 ➡ 800



If two students take one exam, they get 9 more macuses from one mode than the other, and if the macus they get is 56% of the total macus obtained by both the students, then find the macus they get.

A. 39,40 B. 42,33 C. 41,32 D. 43,34

From the option

The sum of the two numbers should be 56%

42 + 33 = 75

75 × 56/100 = 42

What is the percentage of tables if 200 tables, 500 chairs and 100 cupboards are produced in a shop every year?

Table + chair + closet = 800

800 ➡ 200



What is the percentage of profit if the selling price of 8 bananas is equal to the original price of 9 bananas?


Selling 8 bananas gives the original price of 9 bananas hence called profit 1

8 ➡1


ક્યારે When is World Mosquito Day celebrated around the world?

22 August

Which shortcut key is useful for placing paragraph text in MS word 2013?

Ctrl + E

Which state is surrounded by Bangladesh?


When was Bangladesh born?


What is the ten year census in India called?


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