Police Constable Quiz Test 54

How many days did the ‘Jail Fill Satyagraha’ to build a martyr’s memorial for the youth who were martyred in the Mahagujarat movement last?

226 days

Where did the first procession of Mahagujarat movement come from?

From Ellisbridge Law College

From which place was the official declaration of independent Gujarat made?

Sabarmati Ashram

Which was the temporary capital at the time of establishment of the state of Gujarat on May 1, 1960?


Where is Lal Bahadur Shastri Lake located?

Ahmedabad Bapunagar

What is the meaning of the idiom of biting a camel in the nose?

To be very proud

When was Doordarshan established?

15 September 1959

Where is the printer press of Government India located?

Dewas and Nashik

What is the maximum rupee coin that RBI can issue?


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What is the maximum amount of rupee notes that RBI can issue?


How much capital can RBI minimum hold?

200 crore

How much money did RBI start with capital investment?

5 crore

What is the size of 2000 note?

166 MM

What is the total language on a currency note?


How many bleed lines are there on 📌500 note?


BIRBI was established with the recommendation of which commission?

Hilton Young Commission

Who issues coins in India?

Central Government

Who was the second Governor of RBI?

James Taylor

What is the color of 2000 rupee note?


Which is the third most backward district of Gujarat

Om Namada

From which country is the parliamentary system of India derived?


Which Nissan was before Rupis (2) Nissan in India?


What is the color of નોટ500 note?

Aston Gray

Usha is high in protein?


On what date is the annual budget presented in Parliament?

28 February

When did Acharya Vinoba Bhave get Bharat (posthumous) gem?


Where is the Bhupen Hazarika Bridge located?


A person without modesty and modesty?

When is World Hindi Day celebrated?

January 10

How long does it take to sing a brief national anthem of India?

20 seconds

Which rifle did the Anfield rifle replace?

Brown badge

By what name did the Peshwas know Lakshmi Bai?


What is the motto or goal line of the Supreme Court?

Yato Dhammastato Jay: 2

Plural from of dynamo


1857 Who was the real leader of the freedom struggle?

Bakt Khan

4% of Rs.25 is equal to what amount?

1 rupee

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