Police Constable Quiz Test 53

“Who is the author of the hard work season?

Nathalal Dave

What is the name of the Dalit girl adopted by Gandhiji in the era of 150?


When is Hindi Day celebrated?

14 September

Who is the first Indian woman to receive Booker Prize?

Arundhati Roy

What is the dance of Kshatriya Thakore of North Gujarat?


In which state is Kevaladev National Park located?


Savariyo re maro savariyo … whose row is it?

Ramesh Parekh

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Which one of the following statements about Kakasaheb Kalelkar is inappropriate?

A. Dattatreya Balakrishna Kalelkar was originally from Satara in Maharashtra and Gandhiji called him ‘Sawai Gujarati’.

B. ‘Gangamaiya’, ‘Yamunarani’, ‘Ubhayanvi’, ‘Dakshinani Ganga Godavari’ are excellent examples of his prose writing style and ‘Smaranyatra’, ‘Otarati Diwalo’ are beautiful descriptions of childhood and prison life events respectively.

C. His travels to Himalayas with Swami Anand in 1913 as well as ‘Journey to Burma with Acharya Kripal’ and ‘In East Africa’, ‘Emerging Country Japan’ are his travel descriptions.

D. The entire literary work of Kakasaheb Kalelkar has been done in ‘Kalelkar Library’.

E. All the above sentences are correct.

In which taluka of Girsomnath are the caves of Shan Wakia located?


Which is the largest taluka of Gujarat in terms of area?


Who is the author of books like ‘Vicharpothi’, ‘Sthitaprajna Darshan’, ‘Madhukar’, ‘Kranti Darshan’, ‘Swarajya Shastra’ etc.?


How much is the site of Excel Row?


Which bone drive can store more information?


Where is the Museum of Human Culture located?


Whose collection of children’s poetry is ‘Zabuk Vijli Zabuk’?

Makrand Dave

What is the shortcut key for updating the field?


How many arrow keys are in the computer keyboard?


In which steamer did Gandhiji come on 9th January 1915?


Sulfur can be obtained by which method of purification?

Fash method

Gandhinagar district does not specify the boundaries of which district


During the time of which Prime Minister, the Governor was called the fifth wheel in a car?

Jawaharlal Nehru

What are the folk dances of Sandhni and Kanudo found in Gujarat?


Surat is the boundary of which district?

Navsari, Tapi, Namada, Bharuch

The people of Gujarat boycotted Jawaharlal Nehru’s rally and turned to listen to whom?

Indulal Kanaiyalal Yagnik

What crop is the Grand Nine?


How many pincode zones has India been divided into?


Where is the temple of I Shri Khodiyar located?


Where is Kuber Vav located?


In which district is Zarwani Falls located?

Om Namada

Which bird makes beautiful knitted nests by arranging firecrackers?


All the stars of which constellation are named after our great sages?


Which disease is caused by Vitamin A deficiency?


did the Khambhi procession of the youth who were martyred in the Mahagujarat movement come from?

From Polytechnic

long was the jail sentence given to the satyagrahis of Mahagujarat movement?

Five days to three months

did the first procession of Mahagujarat movement come from?

Ellisbridge Law College

Which commission of inquiry was formed for the shooting in Ahmedabad during the Mahagujarat movement?

Civil Investigation Commission

“If I am a Maharashtrian, I will sue the city of Mumbai, but leave the decision of that question to the Gujaratis of Mumbai” – which leader uttered this sentence?

Vinoba Bhave

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