Police Constable Quiz Test 52

From which place did Indulal Yagnik start his pilgrimage during the Mahagujarat movement?

Vadodara to Patan

When was the partition of Bengal canceled?


What is the meaning of kunjaro in naro va kunjaro va?


Where did the Prime Minister accept the recommendation of the Mandal Punch?

VP Singh

How many kalash are covered with gold in Ambaji?


In which district did Ganesh Utsav start in Gujarat?


Which nickname is not Labhshankar Thackeray?

A. Lagharo B. Vaid C. Punavasu D. Samrato

State the population density of Dang (1 sq. Km)


I am looking for, where is my clan? Whose row is it?

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Labhshankar Jadavji Thackeray

What is the nickname of Labhshankar Thackeray?


Where was Labhshankar Thackeray born?

Sedla Surendranagar

Find the average of205, 302,108, 403, 202.

A. 450 B. 1225 C. 1220 D. 244

Between the small observation and the large observation. Between 108 and 403

If the sum of two numbers is 37 and their difference is 185 then find the difference of that number.

A. 5B. 10 C. 2 D. 4

185/37 = 5

“Who is the author of the hard work season?

Nathalal Dave

In which year was the National Police Commission established in India?


The first Dharamveer was formed on November 15, 1977 under the chairmanship of Dharamvir

In which state did India’s first woman Kanchna Chaudhary serve as DGP?

Utarakhand Whose collection of essays is called ‘Joy of wandering’, ‘Joy of life’, and ‘Jeevanlila’?

કાKakasaheb Kalelkar

……… one way road?

A. AB. An C. The D. No article

What will be the English word for uf?

A. On behalf of B. Alternate C. as D. alias

Which district does not specify the boundaries of Namada district?

A. Chhotaudepur B. Tapi C. Vadodara D. Panchmahal

When was FSSAI founded?


How many days did the ‘Jail Fill Satyagraha’ to build a martyr’s memorial for the youth who were martyred in the Mahagujarat movement last?

226 days

What is it called to use the same network in more than one computer?


What is the scope of the website of ISRO Institute of Indian Space Research?


In which slot can network inter card fit?


Who was the Collector of Ahmedabad city at the time of Mahagujarat movement?


Combining two or more cells into a single cell is called ……?


Whose children’s drama collections are named ‘Bey Bhai’ and ‘Taiko’?

Makrand Dave

What is the shortcut key of MACRO dialog box?

LtAlt + F8

Who composed ‘Jai Somnath’, ‘Jai Dwarkesh’, ‘Jai Bolo Vishwa Na’ Nath?

Ramesh Gupta

Vinobabhave was born ………….. in Gagoda village of Raigad district of the state.

Whose book is ‘File Point Some One’?


Chetan Bhagat

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