Police Constable Quiz Test 49

Whose surname is Shambhunath?

Narasimha Rao Dwivedi

When was the Internet introduced in India?

For the public in India 15 August 1995

When India 1986

Who is considered as the original inventor of the written examination for recruitment?

Lord Macaulay

When was the real Satyagraha?


When was the Sardhar Satyagraha?


In which year was the peacock declared a national bird?


‘Nishan Chuk Maaf Nahin Nichu Nishan’ is a composition of which?

B.K. Thakor

In which article is the GST Council mentioned?

279 A

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Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Jaya combine to form which paryag?

Dev Prayagadh

The girl who is unmarride is called __?


A boy who is unmarride is called __?


Which species of Saurashtra is known for its pearls

Where will the new fishing industry training institute be established?



Which is the world’s first electronic digital commuter?


What is commuter impurity called?


Which section is used to describe a mouse experiment to move a section to a new location?

  1. Drug and Drop:

What chips are in commuter memory?

A.RAM B.ROM C.PROM D. All of the above

Who Invented Punch Card Cords?

Harman Hollerith

What is primary memory compared to secondary memory?

Intense in motion

Which writer is known as ‘Madame Montessori of India’?

Tarabahen Modak

What is the literal meaning of the word ‘Sabarimala’ of Sabarimala temple?


Which word is not synonymous

A. Guest B. Guest C. Guest D. Host:

The host is the owner of the house to which the guest is to come.

Make haste __you will be last.

A. And B. Either C. But D. Or

What is the orbit of the earth to follow the sun?


What number is not perfect?

A. 1024 B. 3126 C. 4761 D. 9602

The unit number of any whole number is never 0,2,3,7,8.

No Respect, No Welcome, No Nanoma Neh. Whose line is it?


Which of the following is the most used computer input tool nowadays?

A. Semiconductor B. Central Processing Unit C. Keyboard: D. None of the above

Start Which of the following windows operating system did not provide start button?

A. Windows 8 B. Windows Vista C. Windows 7 D. None of the above

Alt + Shift


Revolution Whose book is ‘Revolution 2020’?

Chetan Bhagat

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