Police Constable Quiz Test 48

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Shopkeeper buys 200 bulbs at a price of Rs. 10 / -, out of which 5 bulbs are blown away.


The distance between two stations A and B is 778 km and if the train completes its journey from A to B at a speed of 84 km / h and returns to A at a speed of 56 km / h then what will be the average speed of the train during the whole journey ?


X = speed from A to B 84

Y = speed from B to A 56

Which port is not perennial?

A. Kandla B. Magadalla: C. Bedi D. Okha

Which Hindu king of India is known as Dungar Rat?

Chhatrapati Shivaji

Who is the author of Gram Lakshmi?

Ramanlal Desai

When was the European Union founded?


How many major member states are there in the United Nations Human Rights Council?


Who is the Speaker of Rajya Sabha?

Vice President

Which village of Gujarat is famous as “Village of God”?


During the reign of Akbar, the Mahabharata was translated into Persian under which of the following names?

A. Bouquet is a fact B. Razmadan ✅ C. Nargistan D. In Saharna

When a person is killed by agitated people it is called __?

Mob leaching

What is the accounting / financial year of RBI?

July to June

Two houses are worth Rs.

20% profit then 20% loss then always 4% loss

Specify the correct spelling.

A. Primitive B. Primitive: C. Primitive D. Primitive

What is the origin of 1369?


Zill Desai is associated with which sport?


Surendranagar does not specify the boundaries of which district?

A. Ahmedabad B. Botad C. Morbi D. Amreli

Surendranagar is bordered by how many districts?


In which year was the state of Punjab and Haryana divided?


How long is the term of Chief Election Commissioner?

6 years

Where is the Antelope National Park located?


What is the full name of the Gi tag?

EGeographical indiacation

Who is the author of ‘The Story of Wisdom and Tradition’?

Keshwaram Parikh

What is a file sent via email called?


‘Satipati Sampradaya’ is a tribal community of which state?


When was the ISSF founded?


Where is the headquarters of ISSF located?

German (Munich)

When did terrorists attack Parliament?


Who is the Prime Minister with the least number of Presidents?

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Sweets: Sukhadio :: Alcohol:?

A. Taraks B. Kalalo C. Dokdiyo D. Khatki

What is 5 years simple interest at 30% of ,000 30,000?

9000 × 5 = 45000

1 kilobyte is equal to what?

1,024 bytes

What is the layer of material on a magnetic disk?

Iron oxide

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