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Police Constable Quiz Test 47

Which year of India is known as ‘Great Partition Year’?


In which part are tribunals?

14 A

By what amendment was Tribunal 14A added?


State the full name of CAT?

Central Administrative Tribunal

When was CAT established?


Who appoints the Chairman of CAT?


Who was the first Governor of RBI?

Edward: Smith

Who was the first RBI Governor of Independent India?

CD Deshmukh

How many Gujarati governors of RBI have been so far and which ones?

IG Patel, ઊJit Patel

When is World Hepatitis Day celebrated?

28 July

What is the total number of members of the GST Council?


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Who is the youngest recipient of Bharat Ratna?

Sachin Tedulkar 40 years

Who was the oldest recipient of Bharat Ratna and at what age?

Horse haircut, 100 years

How many RBI governors were there?


Name the full name of IG Patel who will be the first Gujarati RBI Governor?

Indvaprasad Govdhanram Patel

How many banknotes have been banned so far and in the time of which Prime Minister?

2 Morarji Desai, Narendra Modi

When and in what time was the first census conducted in India?

1 872 Load: Mayo

In whose time was the first systematic census conducted in India in 1881-82?

Load: Ripon

What is the full name of Narendra Modi?

Narendra Damodardas Moolchand Modi

When is National Education Day celebrated?

11 November

What is the first classical language of India?


How old should the classical language be?


IveGive synonym


A. Nice B. Gorgeous C. Good D. Fancy

…… I ask you a question?

A. Will B. May C. Must D. Should

Did her parents visit Kashi? Yes, ……

A. they will B. They did C. We did D. She is

Ram and I did the work …..

A. Ourselves B. My self C. Our self D. him self

When was the United Nations Human Rights Council established?


Go back …….. You come

A. Where B. Whence C. Thence D. Why

TRAl Give full name?

Com Telecom regulatory authority of India

TRAI was established under which law?

TRAT AcT 1997

When was TRAI founded?

20 February 1997

Where is the headquarters of TRAI located?


1088 and 1090’s G.S.A_thaya?

Both comic numbers have a GSA1

The architect of the design of the Supreme Court building?

Ganesh Bhikhaji Diolalikar

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