Police Constable Quiz Test 46

Whose tour is to Kashmir?


Who travels to the Himalayas?

Mr. Uncle

In which district is the archeological site Kuntashi located?

Morbi .. on the banks of the river Phulki

Under which law does the Electricity Regulatory Commission currently operate?

Electricity Act-2003

What is the name of the town situated on the sea shore by Parshuram?

Sopara .. Located near Mumbai

Zulu pictures are drawn from below by whom?

A. Thakor people B. By Turi sisters C. By Merani: D. By Koli sisters

How many cabinet level ministers are there in the next state council?

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A. Ma. Which river was named Mahishmati by Munshi?

6 months

Where is Singarvav located?


Whose famous works are Paritran and Dipnirman?

Manubhai Pancholi

Whose work is the journey of the lost world?

Yashwant Mehta

Which state is Kalighat style?


A weapon made from the bones of a sage?


Raj Rajeshwari Melody Mother’s Temple (Paroli) is located in which district?


How long is the larynx?

12.5 cm

Where was Arun Jaitley born?

New Delhi

How many meters is the length of small intestine?

6.5 m

કેટલા How many feet long is the small intestine?

21 feet

What is the length of large intestine?


What is the pH of the stomach?

Between 1 and 3

How many ribs are there in a human chest?


Who was the first Indian woman Sajan?

Prema Mukherjee

Who was the first Indian woman to read Doordarshan News?

Complete the statue

Who was the first woman chairperson of National Women’s Commission?

Jayanti Patnaik

In which century was the word bureaucracy first used?

In the 18th century

Which king organized the second Jain Dharma Sabha?

Udhuvasen 1

Which Acting Prime Minister became a Member of Parliament from Sabarkantha district of Gujarat?

Gulzari Lal Nanda

Which place in Gujarat got the status of Iconic Place?


Who is known as Chhote Gandhi?

Harilal Gadhi

Ncc nu full form?

National cadet corps

NSS nu full from?

national service scheme

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