Police Constable Quiz Test 45

Whose poem is “Jhumkadu on a tree, jhumkade rata phool”?

Umashankar Joshi

In which river will the bones of Arun Jaitley be dissected?

Om Namada

64, 125, 216, 343 …?

506 B. 499 C. 512 D. 498

How many times is 1 used when writing 1 to 100?


0.5 0.125 = _?


If 200 rupees 20 pen comes, how much is 400 rupees?


20 320 of 8 books. If so, how much in 600 rupees?


4000 If 8 chairs come, what is the cost of 12 chairs?


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if a person’s income increases by at least 10% and 20%, what percentage increase is considered in his income?


The current age ratio of A and B is 6: 5. After three years, the age ratio is 7: 6. What is the age of A before 8 years?

A. 7 B. 10✅ C. 26 D. 18

C = If angle A = 40 B = 40 in triangle ABC?


What is the cube of 0.2?


With a 25 per cent increase in the price of sugarcane, what percentage reduction in consumption will not increase the cost?


Which of the following is a thumbdrive?

A. Flash drive B. USB pen drive C. Both: D. None

50, 48, 52, 46, 54?

A. 56 B. 46 C. 42 D. 44

What is the product of GSA and LSA of 20 and 15?

15 × 20 = 300


A. 5 B. 10 C. -10 D. 0

What is the speed of hard disk measured?


Find the largest number that divides 110 and 93 to get the remainder of 2 and 3 respectively?

A. 10 B. 12 C. 16 D. 18

What percentage of 480 is 24?

A. 10% B. 5% C. 20% D. 40%

16 people can do one task in 9 days How many people are required to complete this task in 12 days?


There are some animals and birds in Raju’s barn. How many birds will there be if they have 32 heads and 100 feet?


In which month is the new moon day celebrated?


What is the resolution of the monitor measured?


37 Article 370 was annexed to which part of the Constitution of India?


Which union territory was formerly a colony of France?


In what year was IIPA established?


No victory for anyone. No one is defeated ‘Which court is the main motto?

Lok court

What is the oldest subsistence force?

Assam Rifles 1885

Who gave the slogan ‘Posdcorb’?

Eleuther Gulik

Who was the excavator of Dholavira?

👉 Jagatpati Joshi..1967 / 68

How many times does the meeting of Atarrajya Parishad meet in a year?

3 times

Synonyms: arrows

A. Sir B. Deb C. Pragya D. Vasu

Bhubaneshwar Kalita, the party’s chief whip in the Rajya Sabha, resigned in protest of __ ‘s stance on Article 370, saying, “The party ordered me to issue a whip against the mood of the nation. The party is heading for its own demise. I can’t contribute. ‘


What is the meaning of the word nishith?

A. Evening B. Morning C. Afternoon D. Nisha

Whose nickname is Ghayal?

Amrutlal Bhatt

I …….. just …….. my dinner

A. have takenB. had taken C. has taken D. will have taken

Look, the birds …….. in the sky now.

A. flew B. flying C. are flying D. fly

………… do you think, will get the first prize?

A. whom B. who C. whose D. how

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