Police Constable Quiz Test 44


25% of 20% of 0003000?


If Suresh was 19 years old 2 years ago then what will be his age after 13 years.

19 + 13 = 32 + 2 = 34

The sum of two numbers is 386. If one of them is number 5, find the other number?


What is the cause of odor in garlic?


If vehicle A and vehicle B go in the same direction at a speed of 50 km / h then what will be the distance between the two at the end of one day.

A ➡50

50 * 24 = 1200

40 * 24 = 960

= 1200-960

= 240

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When was the first meeting of Rajya Sabha held?

13 May 1952

If rice is 20% cheaper than wheat, how much more expensive will wheat be than rice?


When was the Rajya Sabha established?

3 April 1952

When was the Lok Sabha formed?

17 April 1952

What is the temperature of blood in Fahrenheit?


Which day is celebrated in India as “National Doctor’s Day”?

1 July

In which city was the summer capital built during the time of Lord Dalhousie?


Which act did Jawaharlal Nehru call “an engine with multiple brakes” while Muhammad Ali Zina called it “completely rotten and originally bad”?

Rule of India Act 1935

If the side length of a cube is 5th then what is its volume?


Who was known as Abhinav Siddharraj?

Wisal God

What is the interest of Rs.180 for 12 days at 12%?


The two numbers LSA and GSA are 496 and 4 respectively. If one number is 124 then find the other number.

496 × 4/124 = 16

The dimensions of the right triangle side are 4 and 5 then the size of the third side?


In which intestines does food stay for a long time?

In wool intestines

3 If the sides of right triangle are 3 and 4 then what is the size of the third side?


Which of the following is not included in amphibians?

A. Tortoise: B. Salamander C. Hyla D. Todd

When is the Indian National Ozone Day?

16 September


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