Police Constable Quiz Test 42

How many districts of Gujarat does the Tropic of Cancer pass through?
6 5 4 7
How many kilometers is the coastline of Gujarat?
1500 1500 1500 1500
What is the total area of ​​Gujarat?
6.96 6.85 6.45 6.23
How many districts are there in Gujarat?
૩૪ ૩૬
How many districts of Gujarat have coastline?
15 10 12 14
What has developed in the Kadavakichal War area around Kandla?
Mangrove Salt Fish Pearls
The Gulf of Sabarmati Khambhat is called Su?
Kopli’s Bay Suvali hills are salty
What are the plains called Godh Bhoomi?
Plains of North Gujarat Plains of Central Gujarat Plains of South Gujarat
Which ground is known as Bhal?
Grounds of Ahmedabad Grounds of Mehsana Grounds of Vadodara Grounds of Narmada
What is the shape of Chotila hill?
Shape-shaped round elliptical triangular
How many rivers are there in Gujarat?
12 12 14 17

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Where is WASMO located?
Anand Ahmedabad Bharuch Kutch
Dhanuria Island is located in the Kaki river basin.
Narmada Saraswati Sabarmati Khari
Where is Balwant Sagar located?
Kutch Narmada Machhu Patan
Which river flows from Madhya Pradesh through Rajasthan to Gujarat?
Mahi Narmada Sabarmati Rupen
In which district is Purna Sanctuary located?
Dang Chhotaudepur Patan Kutch
Which hill is known as the Tapobhoomi of Dada Gorakhnath?
Dhinodhar Girnar Tulsishyam Gabbar
In which district is the Panandro Power Station located?
Kutch Patan Mehsana Ahmedabad
Which region is known as Nadher?
Unathi Chorwad Patan to Chorwad Patan to Una Patan to Kutch
From which place does the river Narmada enter?
Hanfeshwar Nareshwar Sulpaneshwar Walker
What is the name of each of the hills in Kutch?
Tax saliva on the edge
Bilimora is located on the banks of which river?
Ambika Rupen Sabarmati Saraswati
Which is the largest port of call in the country?
Kandla Mandvi Mundra Vilas
Which is the largest palace in Gujarat?
Lakshmi Vilas Palace Krishna Vilas Palace Radheshyam Vilas Palace Ram Vilas Palace
According to 2011 census, in which district there are more women than men?
Dang and Tapi Dang and Mehsana Mehsana and Tapi Mehsana and Patan

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