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Police Constable Quiz Test 41

Which is the longest river flowing from Gujarat?
Bhadar Narmada Tapi Sabarmati
Which mountain monk is considered to be Onu Pier?
Girnar Gabbar Pavagadh Chotila
Where is the Lady Kikabai Premchand Library located?
Surat Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Bharuch
In which district are the hills of Parmera located?
Valsad Mehsana Kutch Girsomnath
Where is Vasudhara Dairy located?
Valsad Mehsana Kutch Girsomnath
Surpaneshwar Sanctuary is located in which district?
Narmada Mehsana Kutch Girsomnath
How many kilometers is the land border of Gujarat with Pakistan?
313 30 31 2

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Where is Panwad Island located?
Narsarovar Chimnabaisrovar Kailasarovar Mansarovar
What is the first multi-purpose scheme of Gujarat state?
Ukaiyojana Sardarsarovar Dharoiyojna Machhuyojana
In which district the cows of Tharpakar breed are reared?
Kutch Narmada Mehsana Girsomnath
Which is the longest river in North Gujarat?
Banas Sabarmati Rupen Saraswati
In which district is Victoria Park for birds located?
Bhavnagar Narmada Mehsana Girsomnath
What is the SOMA organization associated with?
Saurashtra Oil Mill Owners Association Saurashtra Oil Mill Workers Union Saurashtra Oil Mill Employees Union Not a single one
Where is the Gujarat Himalayan Cement Factory located?
Porbandar Narmada Mehsana Girsomnath
What is the sex ratio in Gujarat as per 2011 census?
313 ૯૫૨ ૮૫૨
Which place is called the gate of Kathiawar?
Wadhwan Girsomnath Porbandar Valsad
How much has the population growth rate of Gujarat increased in the decade from 2001 to 2011?
19.28% 19.00% 19.45% 19.80%
By what name is the region between Vishwamitri and Dhadhar river known?
Wakal Panam Bhadar Cholo
Dani Point is located on the coast of which district?
Devbhoomidwarka Girsomnath Porbandar Valsad
Which place in Gujarat is known as Gandhi Nagari?
Porbandar Devbhoomidwarka Girsomnath Valsad
In which district of Gujarat is the population of Worli tribe more?
Surat Dahod Narmada Aravalli
In which district is the bastion of Bunny located?
Kutch Ahod Narmada Aravalli
Navi port is situated on the banks of which river?
Bhadar Sabarmati Rupen Saraswati
Udvada is situated on the banks of which river?
Kolak Bhadar Sabarmati Rupen
East-West Corridor starts from which city of Gujarat?
Porbandar Devbhoomidwarka Girsomnath Valsad

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