Police Constable Quiz Test 39

In which year was the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) established?


What is a nutritious vitamin for eyesight?


Which scientist was known as the father of Indian DNA figure print technology?

Lalji Sigh

In which part of the Constitution of India is provision made for Governor?

Part – 6

Who was the Defense Minister of India during the Sino-Indian War?

V. That. Krishna Menon

When was the RG government established?


What are the question papers usually prepared for the exam?


The bridge —- last year.

A. has built B. was built C. built D. had built

Fell I fell a ……. while I was watching t.v.

A. Sleep B. Was sleeping C. Sleeped D. Spelt

see sleep always when there is while the next sentence is in the simple present tense and the next verb is the original verb for the past tense

It …….. raining i was waiting for the bus.

A. Started B. Was started C. Start D. Was starting

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What kind of poetry is ghazal actually ??


A. It is facing east B. It is in Dravidian style: C. There are 12 idols of the sun outside the sanctum sanctorum D. Suryakund is located

X: 3 = 26: 6 So X =?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 12 D. 13

__gita is the holy book of hindu.

A. an B. the C. those D. a

What is the headquarters of OPEC?

Vienna ..

What is the name of the new country that the Jews established in West Asia?


Which state has the highest sex ratio?


In which year was the first radio station in India started?


Name the longest pipeline in the world?


What was the name of the world’s first printed newspaper?

Morning Post …

From which continent did the Industrial Revolution begin?


Who created the sign of zero?


How many times has Morarji Desai presented the budget?


Who is the highest budget presenter in Gujarat?

Vajubhai Wala

In which state is Bonalu festival celebrated?


How many members are required for merger from one party to another under the Partisanship Act?


In how many categories is the Ramon Magsus Award given?


Which symbol was adopted by the Constituent Assembly as ‘seal’?


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