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Police Constable Quiz Test 38

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In what year was the Review Commission formed?


When was the National Development Council formed?

August 1952

When was the District Local Board established?


In what year was the Review Commission formed?


Which of the following writers has written poems addressing “Sonal”?

Urmesh Parekh

“Mangalkaka” is the character of which work?


In which Indian state is the 200 year old bamboo drip system used?


The proverb “Dahya Damrani” was prevalent in the time of Solanki ruler?

Bhimdev first

What is the storage capacity of Google drive?

15 Gb

Which of the following is not a viral disease?

A. Influenza B. Ebola C. Dengue D. Plague

Where is Soha House located?


When was the Central Vigilance Commission established?


Name the author of the book ‘Apana Saraswato’.

K.K. Shastri:

Which is the first company to launch Android mobile phone?


[ays_quiz id=’278′]

The company that launched the first Android mobile phone is HTC, 2008.

Under which act was the post of Secretary of India started?

Rule of India Act, 1858

Under which act was the Viceroy empowered to issue an ordinance in times of emergency?

India Parishad Act 1861

From which year the provision of Commonwealth citizenship was removed?


With the recommendation of which committee the basic duties were combined with the legal provisions?

Vam: Committee

The election of the Vice President was to be held in a joint sitting of Parliament. What amendments were removed?

With the amendment in 11

Who gave the nickname ‘Moogi Dhigali’ to Indira Gandhi?

Rammanohar Lohia

hat is the name of the author of the book ‘Cultural Trends of Gujarat’ which highlights the culture of Gujarat?

Harkant Shukla

What is the mandatory percentage of budget expenditure of gram panchayat as balance of its income?


Which two architectures made the Indian Parliament building?

Lutens and Baker

Who can remove the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from office?

Legislative Assembly

How many branches does CBI have?


Railway budget was differentiated from the general budget on the recommendation of which committee?

Ekvath Committee

Who wrote the book “Yogayatra” which discusses omens and omens during Yatra?


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