Police Constable Quiz Test 37

Under which act was the ‘portfolio’ system recognized?

Council of India Act, 1861

Who can remove the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from office?

A. Governor B. Chief Minister C. Legislative Assembly: D. Legislative Council

In which year did Gandhiji observe the fast of Brahmacharya?


Think about the following sentences.

(1) ‘Hadayaveena’ is the work of Narasimha Rao Dwivedi.

(2) ‘Manorama’ is a film adaptation of Kalapi’s famous work of poetry ‘Hadayatriputi’.

A. Only 1 is true. B. Only 2 is true. C. 1 and 2 are both trueD. 1 and 2 are both false.

Which instrument of Gujarat’s ‘Jat’ caste is known to play super?

Surando, get twins

Under whose chairmanship was the Tribal Welfare Commission formed in 2002?

Dilipasih Bhuria

State the provision regarding the administration of Scheduled Areas and Tribal Areas?


પ્રથમWhich state was awarded the first award for work for Panchayati Raj?


What protein is in the bones?


What is the study of fungus called?


Where does paralysis occur due to vitamin deficiency?


Name Kauravo’s only sister?


What was the name of the bow of Shri Ram?


How easy is Surya Namaskar?


The longest serving Chief Justice?

YB Chandra Wood

Which Gujarati folk singer is known as Kutchi Koyal?

Gita Rabari

Reserved seats in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Article?


What is the basic scripture for Gujarat in Sultanate era?

Mirat Ahmadi

Who was the one who introduced the practice of Vantaa in the matter of land in Gujarat?


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Who composed the Mandalika epic?

Kavi Gangadhar

What was the name of Jamnagar at one time during Mughal period?

Islam Nagar

What is Congo Fever?

Diseases in cows, buffaloes, goats

One nautical mile is how many kilos. What happens to me?


When was the Bank of Baroda established?


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