Police Constable Quiz Test 32

hat is the highest calcium content?


Whose work is Interval?

Himanshi Sailat

What freedoms are not included in the preamble to the Constitution of India?


What type of school does the Right to Education Act 2009 apply to?

All schools

Union Territories are administered by which Ministry?

Home Affairs

Who is the current Union Minister of Water Power of India?

Gajendrasinh Shekhawat

The name Gujarat came into vogue during the reign of which dynasty?


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Who defines public administration as “activities of cooperating groups to achieve public goals”?

erbert a. Simon

Who first mentioned the formation of a separate state of Gujarat at the time of formation of Saurashtra unit in 1948?

Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

When is World Mosquito Day celebrated around the world?

August 22

Who is known as the main unit for making public policies in India?


Which is the first constituency with Sasit Pradesh Legislative Assembly?


“Whose name is Palmadat and Sociologist?

Indulal Kanaiyalal Yagnik

Which Mughal ruler was crowned twice?


Who gave information to Gandhiji about Chauri Chaura massacre during non-cooperation movement ??

Devdas Gadhi

Where is Dudhia Lake located?


What kind of bird in the world can walk on two legs like a man?


In which district is the fair of Tamarind Agiyaras held?


Whose is Nutya of Thaga

Of the people of Thakor com

Which play was written by Madhav Ramanuja for Ahmedabad Doordarshan?


How many types of earthquakes are there?


First Indian woman to win a world award?

Aishwarya Pissai

Who gave Diksha Mantra except Om Namah?


To whom was the title “Tribhuvangad” conferred?

Siddharraj Jaysingh

What is another name for Jupiter?


Who was the youngest Deputy Governor of RBI?

Rare principal

In which language is the word protem?


In which verse are the Shikshapatri and Vachanamrut texts composed?


What is the name of the weapon in the Indian Army?


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