Police Constable Quiz Test 31

Word set: Prasad to Shri Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami?


Which word is used for rupee in Sorathi language?


What is Subabul?


Give a polite form of the word “Harvar”?


What is the Stuart Library Test?


I can’t forget that scene ‘- make a kartari sentence.

I don’t forget that scene

Write the polite form of the word ‘Anbhe’.


We are not machines. Let’s just do it according to some rules ”Connect with the right coordinator?


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Which place of Sidhu culture is not located in Gujarat?


What policies are the policies that the government makes?

Public policy

Who is used to prevent data theft

Fire wall

What is the blood pressure under normal conditions?

120 / 80

“Public administration is the detailed and systematic implementation of the law. Any definite application of the law is an act of administration. ” – Who gave this definition?

Woodrow Wilson

Whom did Babasaheb Abedkar consider a special feature of the Indian Constitution?

Magadhashan Siddhavat of State Politics

Which Queen of Nagaland started a revolt against the British Government at the age of 13?


In which hall of London was the first Round Table Conference held?

Ascent James Hall

Who was the founder of Bihar Vidhapeeth?

Mahatma Gandhi

Which endocrine system is responsible for the growth of human beings?


પણ “But the bride waits for the tap” is related to which of the following?


Which of the following particular type of poetry was cultivated by Khabradar?


Who first mentioned the formation of a separate state of Gujarat at the time of formation of Saurashtra unit in 1948?

Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

The name Gujarat came into vogue during the reign of kings of which dynasty?


What type of school does the Right to Education Act 2009 apply to?

All schools

What freedoms are not included in the preamble to the Constitution of India?


Union Territories are administered by which Ministry?

Home affairs

Which stage of public administration is considered the golden age of the development of theory


Specify the default command in the Quick access bar.

AveSave, undo, Redo

Think about the following sentences.

(1) Tarak Mehta considered Vinod Bhatt as his guru.

(2) From 1945, the Sundaram family settled in Shri Arvindashram, Pondicherry.

Only 2 is true.

Tarak Mehta considered Jyotindra Dave as his guru.

Think about the following sentences.

(1) Dayaram was not the first to write Garba in Gujarati literature.

(2) Premananda is not referred to as the “father of legends”.

👉1 and 2 are both true.

Beginning to write Garba = Vallabh Mewalo

-The father of the story = Bhalan

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