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Police Constable Quiz Test 30

In which scripture is the word emperor first mentioned?

Rig Veda

What was the greatest teaching of Mahatma Buddha during his lifetime?


In the Rig Veda, the word Nishka is used for which ornament?

Heap necklace

Which ruler of Haryaka dynasty is called Kunik?


Who was the important deity of the North Vedic period?

Prajapati Rudra

What was Gram Sabha called in Sangam Yuga?


The Kailash temple at Ellora was built by cutting the stones of which ruler of which dynasty?


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Which Satavahana king assumed the title of Ven Cuttack Swami?

Gautami son Shatikana :.

Stone house art was first developed in which state?


Who was the first emperor to treat the people as his own children?


Which inscription of Ashoka has been found in two languages ​​(Greek, Aramaic)?


When did the construction of the temple begin?

Secret period

Who was the first to receive the title of Son of God?


Which branch of government is involved in public administration in the broadest sense?

All given

Who is the author of the book “Wadel sprouted on the bank of blood”?

Sudhir Desai

Which Ghosh is a consonant?


Haiyu come back – explain the meaning of the idiom.

Recovering from inattention:

Which option is used to move the file from one place to another


Where is the Palani temple whose prasad ‘Panchamrut’ has got GI tag?

Tamil Nadu

Who informed Gandhiji about the Chauri Chaura massacre during the non-cooperation movement?

Devdas Gadhi

Whose book is Discovery of India?

Jawaharlal Nehru

What is Royalpani?


What type of current does a mobile battery have?


What should be the minimum wind speed to generate electricity in a windmill?

15 km / h

Where is the Tarapur Nuclear Care Reactor located?


When was the Namami Ganga project started?


What is the country of the winds ??


What is the natural cooling form of light?


Is it constitutional to keep a kartal with Sikh Dhamma?


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