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Police Constable Quiz Test 29

The Union’s job will be to protect the states from external and internal disturbances. In which article is this provision made?


What is the pH of human saliva?

6.5 to 7.5

Which word is not the king’s drink?


(:) What is the name of this icon?

Guru Pause

Give a word for ‘diseases for which there is no cure’.?


Which word is not a source of wealth?


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What is the form of ‘Ra.Ra’ written as an address to a person in a letter?

Rajman Raje Shri

In which area of ​​Ahmedabad is the tomb of famous Gujarati Urdu writer Wali Gujarati located?


What does the Gulik-11 POSDCORB principle suggest?


Out of the small port goods transport in the country, _ percent is done from Gujarati?


AQ tree is not reserved


Painted the rocks of the deli. ” Find and write the motivational line of this sentence.

Adeli’s rocky coloring

Write the word synonymous with ‘doubt’.

So doubt

Write the meaning of the proverb “Build a bridge before the water”.?

Using foresight

Which dairy collects the most milk in Gujarat?

Dudhsagar Dairy (Mehsana)

When was Dudhsagar Dairy established?


Who is the founder of Dudhsagar Dairy?

Mansihbhai Patel

What is the birthplace of Mansihbhai Patel?

Charada Ta- Mansa

Who was the last Governor of Gujarat during the President’s rule?


Who is known as the pioneer of co-operative activity in Gujarat?

Tribhuvandas Patel

1h = _cm


What is the third law of Newton’s motion?

Shock and repercussion are of equal value and in opposite directions

Rocket operates on Newton’s law of motion?


DRDA. Who is the Chairman of District Rural Development Agency?


Tamasha is the folk dance of which state?


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