Police Constable Quiz Test 27

When did the SEZ Act come into force?


Which Prime Minister launched a campaign to popularize tribal painting?

Indira Gandhi

Since when is the Miss India pageant held?


Where did FIFA headquarters come from?


Which Chief Election Commissioner introduced the identity card to improve the election?

OTN Seshan

The same vote is the real vote which is inspired by the spirit of welfare Who said this sentence?

Doctor Benny Prasad

When was the Communist Party formed in India?


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When was the Dobri Morcha formed?


Who calls the media the fourth power?


With whom is the Harappan culture associated?

Bronze Age

Lothal was the important commercial center of which civilization?


Mohenjo Daro which means the hill of the dead is the word of which language?


Most of the tools of the pre-Stone Age were made in India?

Of crystal

On how many pillars did the roof of the huge room rest near the huge bathhouse of Mohenjo-daro?


Where is the evidence of Harappan civilization carpet plowing obtained?


Where are the remains of a stick nick found in the Indus Valley Civilization?


From which were the coins of Harappan civilization made?

From clay

What was the most important item imported by Harappan people?

Metal and precious stone

By what name is the Vedic river Vitasta now known?


Sangam Sahitya was composed in which language?


By what name are the teachings of 24th Tirthakar Mahavir Swami of Jainism known?


Where is the earliest evidence of Mahayana religion found?


Is devotion mentioned?

In the Bhagavad Gita

By what name was Shitala Mata known during Sangam period?


Where is the first mention of incarnation found?

Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

Which is the majestic deity of Rigveda which is described in 250 suktas?


Which deity of Vedic period is considered to be the mediator between human beings and deities?


Where do you get the first information about the Ashtagik Marg of Buddha?

Chandogya Upanishad

Where is the first clear evidence of gender worship found?

Matsya Purana

On what principles did Mahavira Swami disagree with his son-in-law Jamali?

A. Tasteism B. Kriyabhanakruta: C. Anhisa D. Brahmachaya :.

In which Buddhist scripture is information about sixteen Mahajan positions found?

Angutar Nikaya

Which was the most important river of Rigvedic period?

A. Ganga B. Yamuna C. Saraswati D. Indus

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