Police Constable Quiz Test 25

Whose book is Slavery?

Jyotiba Phule

Which is the only temple in Gujarat where tricolors are flown?

Khodaldham Kagwad

What is the most deadly poison in the world?

Potassium cyanide

What is the birthplace of Adalaja?


What is the hometown of Adalaja in 5 years?


What is the name of Adalaja’s father?

Quality achayà«…

In what period did Fahian come to India?

Gupta period

In which year did the ‘Nirbhaya’ incident take place in Delhi?


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When is Ritu Tulsi? Who is its creator ?.

Tulsi Kyaaro is a novel and its creator is Zaverchand Meghani

What are the days that Pannalal Patel called those days by enjoying the days of sorrow?

Spring days

What was the name of the son of Sri Krishna?


Which hemisphere of the earth is known as water hemisphere?


Who appoints the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee?

Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Which tissue acts as a carrier tissue in plants?

Food carrier and water carrier

What is the name of AIDS screening?


What is leukemia?

Cancer of the blood Increase in the number of white blood cells

What is the first Gujarati film that has not been released?

Seth Sagalsha

What was the first Gujarati film released?

Srikrishna Sudama

What is the first Gujarati speaking film?

Narasimha Mehta

What is the first color Gujarati film?

Green earth

Which of these films is based on the epic Saraswati Chandra?

Gunasundari no Ghar Sansar

When was Subhash Chandra Bose believed to have died mysteriously?

18 August 1945

If the Lok Sabha seat is reconvened when the President issues the ordinance, in how many weeks will it have to be completed?

In 6 weeks

What symbol is used to select a cell in MS Excel?


Which article of the Constitution provides for the swearing in of the Governor?


What is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide

What% of total land area is occupied by plains?


What is a suitable cover for jets?

Isotope cover

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