Police Constable Quiz Test 24

In which field is the Able Award given?


‘Who is known as a worshiper of folk art?

Khodidas Parmar

In Bhakti Niketan Ashram, which hermit has presented Kantikari thoughts clearly and fearlessly?

Swami Sachchidananda

Which option is used to change the paper size in Ms word?

Page setup

Who was greeted by Lanpul as “Short Akbar”?

Dara Shikoh

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Which phase of public administration in the history of public administration is known as the Dark Ages of Administration?


Which of the following processors came first?

Starword star

What is Windows Exploer?

File manager

What is the extension of the project file


When was football first organized?


Identify the metaphor: Shamal says another father, recognized as Han.


“A family of two dies of starvation.” What does this saying mean?

A. Man stays hungry. B. There is a lot of work to be done.

C. A man who behaves with uncertainty gets into trouble D. Not using foresight or foresight

Which word is not synonymous?

A. Deterioration B. Deterioration C. Deterioration: D. Condemnation

Estimated distance between the sun and the earth …..

15 .. crore ..

What is the total number of satellites in the solar system?


What are the black spots on the surface of the sun called?

Sun stigma

Where is the earth between the two planets?

Venus and Mars

Where was Adil Mansoori born?


Whose ghazal collection is ‘Village in the Name of New York’?

Adil Mansoori

Ramanarayana Pathak started writing literature under which pseudonym?


What is the festival to be celebrated in 90 years?

Billiam Festival

Who has written the book Jeevan Vikas and Jeevansangram?

Indulal Yagnik

What type of rock is granite?


.. 26 .. What was the magnitude of the Kutch earthquake in January 2001?


What is the tallest volcano in the world?


Man gamnyati ball damayanti, nalle padyo saad alankar olakhvo?


Rocket operates on Newton’s law of motion?

Third rule

What is Pangea?

Adi Mahakhand

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